Emily Dickinson

I appreciate all forms of art from a wide array of topics.

I enjoy poetry immensely: in English as well as in Spanish, French, really, from all over the world.


I love the work of Emily Dickinson, so when I watched the movie about her life, A Quiet Passion, I enjoyed the acting and the story, it was superb.



To make a prairie (1755)

Emily Dickinson1830 – 1886

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

Science Fiction Art


I enjoy and find beauty in all art, from the grand masters to the undiscovered talents that exist in this world. Science fiction art can be dark or colorful, depict an uncertain future or the hope for something brighter, or it can be for the sole purpose of creating. Either way, I enjoy discovering new pieces and appreciating quality and design.


Some paintings can help me use my imagination to travel in my mind to other countries, worlds, galaxies, and hope that what is natural will abide; without judgement.

cool ent

Before we go off gallivanting across the galaxy, we as humans, need to learn to live in peace.

peace art

I hope that can be achieved one day soon.

Strawberry Moon





A full moon or better known this month as a Strawberry Moon, was present in the sky last night or this morning depending on where you live. The moon is pinkish and beautiful and I am collecting beautiful strawberries from my garden at this time!

I enjoy getting on my rooftop and viewing the moon or planets when possible, and in the day collecting berries for desserts or shakes.


Supergirl is a Super Show!




I thought that Supergirl would be a show that was too juvenile for me to watch, but much to my surprise, I really enjoy the stories. I loved Calista Flockhart in season one because her one liners are so funny and she is able to deliver them with such dry wit. I wish she had been in all of season two but I did enjoy her few appearances. I also liked the addition of the alien bar, it reminded me of the pub in Lost Girl.

I am glad they are having a season three because the ending of two was literally left up in the air.

Bajor in the Star Trek Universe


I would love to go on vacation on the planet Bajor and view the beautiful gardens. Star Trek DS9 is one of my favorite Star Trek series and I like the Cardassian space station but the world of Bajor seems very peaceful, after the occupation, and I like the idea of the Capt. Sisko being linked to Bajor.


Ships of Star Trek

I love all of the Star Trek starships.