Life a Sci Fi Horror Movie



I just watched the movie entitled Life (2017) starring Jake Gyllenhaal who is no stranger to making science fiction movies such as Source Code which is a great movie. I wish I could say something positive about Life, but the movie was not creative at all. Don´t get me wrong, I enjoy horror fiction, especialy science horror fiction. However, this movie stank. It was a cross between the movie Gravity and Alien. Gravity starred Sandra Bullock and was unique and interesting in terms of an outer-space disaster and how to cope in the aftermath. What can I say about the Alien franchise. I loved Sigourney Weaver as Lt. Ripley in every movie. The alien creature was unique and new, the stories took place in the future so there was plenty of room for creativity and sequels and even prequels.
I have more to say about Gravity and Alien than Life. Of course it was left open to a sequel so we wil see what happens.

Into The Forest by Jean Hegland


I am currently reading Into the Forest by Jean Hegland written in 1996 a book that depicts a dystopian future.  The basic premise of the book is that the electricity goes out all over the world, but focuses on two sisters and how they cope with this new way of life.  The story is very forward thinking, creative, and shows how human behaviour can change in an instant. We think we have come so far as a civilization but if a crucial element we take for granted is taken away, how would you react? Is anyone prepared to, I mean really prepared to face life without our modern conveniences?
The book was made into a movie and is very true to the story in the book and stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood.
The book is worth reading and the movie worth watching.
This happens to be y favorite form of science fiction because it takes place on Earth and tests the will to live of all those involved.