Star Trek and The Borg


The Borg in Star Trek are terrific beings that function as a collective assimilating any humanoid life by adding nanites and creepy mechanical appendages. The Borg add a scary element to The Next Generation, Voyager, and First Contact. It is interesting that Capt. Picard can hear the Borg due to being implanted with their nanites.


Thank goodness the crew rescued Picard and 7 of 9 for that matter. I think her character is great in Star Trek Voyager, she brought a lot of interesting stories to the show.


Star Trek: Voyager, The Year of Hell


I had not watched  the episode of ST: Voyager  The Year of Hell in a while, (it is actually two parts), and I cannot believe how the starship Voyager and crew for that matter, was destroyed throughout the episode.


The ship was left with a skeleton crew ,no supplies and little hope. In the end, however, all time is restored and it is as if it all never happened. It would be nice to correct damage caused in the past and put things in a certain order, but that is the point of the episode: no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to restore the past exactly the way you would like so it is better to consider what you do today, make the best possible decisions and try to come to terms with past events.


Bajor in the Star Trek Universe


I would love to go on vacation on the planet Bajor and view the beautiful gardens. Star Trek DS9 is one of my favorite Star Trek series and I like the Cardassian space station but the world of Bajor seems very peaceful, after the occupation, and I like the idea of the Capt. Sisko being linked to Bajor.


Ships of Star Trek

I love all of the Star Trek starships.